Premium Wall Design Studio

Premium Wall Design Studio is a art studio based in South Florida that specializes in custom artistic finishes for walls. Since 1999, the artisans at the studio have been providing wall design collections to distinguished interior designers, businesses and home-owners in Florida, other states and overseas in Brazil, Dubai and Ukrane with utmost professionalism.

With an elegant sense of style, a remarkable attention to detail, and unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction, Premium Wall Design Studio has raised the bar in custom art finishes. This unwavering commitment to excellence has generated great industry acclaim and a loyal client following.
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Patrícia Wancelotti
and Rita Bontempo

Love for what we do moved us forward and Premium Wall Design is inspired by our own unique differences. Read More


Interior Designers

"My name is Michael Saruski, President of Saruski Design Studio. I have worked with Patricia and Rita of Premium Wall Design Studio for many years." Read More